I laugh and fall just like Grimaldi (gazingeye) wrote in my_pirate_disco,
I laugh and fall just like Grimaldi

myspace updates

To keep the ball rolling, I figured I'd post up the two other blogs from Lisa's MySpace since last night. Since it might look a bit lengthy on some friends lists, I've placed the updates behind cuts. Glad to see a Lisa community around, and let's try to keep it active!

poster invention

tory by pictures... the tale of how lisa's posters came to be...

U x

Tour Diary 3

we happened upon a session in baltimore on our first night off last night. there was music and singing and guinness and fiddles and laughing, lots of laughing... here's some of donagh's secret camera work. it might be slightly more interesting then tomo teaching us to play golf out the back of lisa's parents house yesterday that i had originally planned to post... enjoy!

we're off to clonakilty to find some black pudding.


Tags: tour diary, video
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