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With Lisa's debut album coming out soon (hopefully!), it's about time we had a place on LJ for her!  A proper layout and rules and all that jazz will be up soon, but for now... first up is a tour diary from Lisa and her crew:

Tour Diary 2

I figure it'd be no harm to give you some blow by blow account action of how team hannigan survive on the road, maybe do some practice interviews. Ten minutes on the road to our first gig and Tomo and I needed to stop for ice-creams.. As always food has taken first priority. Lisa and Tomo made us leave an hour early with an ice box so we could we could pick up some good BBQ ingredients in the english market in Cork…. As much as we slag them for their food obsession we do tend to reap the benifets in the long term. I won't be complaining when I'm slicing into a specially 2 day marinated fillet steak and local farmhouse cheeses on our day off…

Mar and Par Hannigan filled us with bacon sambo's this morning and off we went. First gig of the tour, first drive to a gig… watching the open road and wondering how mandu and stevens and bueno are doing (mandu and stevens = cats, bueno = person and possible superhero)….

Here's how the car looks:





And my nostrils…

Tomo and Donagh are in the boring car… probably talking about donkeys.

So, here we go. The game is everyone gets to ask one question (if we can hear ourselves over New Order) and everyone else has to answer that question.

First question is Lisa's (what's the bets it will involve food):
'What is your favourite colour of sweet?'

Verno: (maybe someday I'll tell you all why we call Gavin Verno, we'll need to get to know each other a little better though) Strawberry red
Shane: Yellow (don't distract the driver)
Una: Used to be Strawberry, but moving slowly over to the green corner. ("correct answer!" from lisa in the front)

Phone interview going into the car ahead….
Tomo: Purple (resounding WEIRD shouts from everyone else)
The Bunagh: Green

Second question is Gavins (probably something to do with cartoons/comics/superheros)
'What was your favourite TV show as a child?' (close)

Lisa: Straight in with The Muppet Show
Shane: Monkey Magic
Una: Sesame Street

Phone interview
Donagh: Different Strokes
Tomo: Mork and Mindy (ooooold)

My question! 'What's your favourite cheesy song?'

Lisa: (immediately starts singing loudly) "I AIN'T AFRAID OF NO GHOST!, busting makes me feel good… !" Ghostbusters'
Verno: Stay on These Roads by A-Ha
Shane: Should Be Dancing by The Beegee's
Una: Elvis has been known to crack out some cheese which reside's in my ipod shuffle most of the time.
Tomo: I Write The Songs by Barry Manilow
The Bunagh: It's My Life by Dr Alban (prompting a debate on whether he's an actual real life doctor or just a doctor of 90's eurodance..)

Shane's Question: 'What's your favourite movie?'
Verno: One flew over the cuckoo's nest
Lisa: 'If I was sitting at home having a tasty beverage it'd be The Big Lebowski, if at home on a sunday morning under a duvet it'd be Willy Wonka (the original!), and otherwise, 12 Angry Men…'
Una: Depending on whether I was hanging out with some of my friends that are 12 and under or twelve or older, hook or my life as a dog.

Phone interviews are down due to low coverage so we're placing bets on what they might be….

Shane: Withnail and I, Godfather I and II but NOT III!

Tomo: Down By Law (gav guessed right)
The Bunagh: The Weddng Singer

We're waiting for Car Two to come up with their questions… So far two questions have been rejected due to lack of imagination, so the delay is starting to develop into conversations about the many reasons why 'what would you prefer to have accidentally left behind, razors or underpants?' is the worst question in the world.

Incoming… Tomo's question: 'What's the worst thing you could leave behind on tour?'

Lisa and Gavin: Una (aw yeeeah!)
Shane: His bass, his mind?
The Bunagh: Lisa
Tomo: Ben and Roo
Una: My comfy socks

Donagh's question: 'What's your favourite city?'

Tomo: New Orleans
Donagh: Sydney
Verno: NYC
Una: New York City BABY!
Shane: New York
Liser: pretty happy anywhere so long as among friends (aaawwwwww)

Right, time to sign off and give my little computer a rest, maybe listen to some sweet choons…. See you in Cork!

Una x

PS thanks to emmett for teaching me how to post photo's in blogs!

no children or animals were harmed in the building of this blog.


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