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Lisa live in the U.S!

Jason Mraz's tour has kicked off in the U.S. and so far Lisa's gotten some pretty glowing reviews :D

Irish-born Lisa Hannigan opened the show and was accompanied by her four-piece band when performing tracks from her album “Sea Sew.” All five musicians harmonized on the vocals and made full use of the wide range of instruments on stage, including a cello, a banjo, a trumpet and an accordion.

Hannigan’s interaction with the audience remained at an absolute minimum, which might’ve been for the best — when she spoke, her soft, shy voice was difficult to understand. Nevertheless, she impressed the crowd with her smoky, melodic vocals, especially during the charming, hypnotizing “I Don’t Know.”

It was clear that Hannigan was truly having a good time. She danced as though she were one moment away from skipping around the stage and smiled as if she had a secret when she sang. She likened the opportunity to perform that evening to Christmas Eve and dedicated the last song of her set, “Lille,” to Mraz as a thank you to him. - from a review of Mraz's first gig on the tour

Mraz ft. Lisa - Lucky

She also did a solo show in NYC before the Mraz tour started and videos have surfaced on youtube!

I Don't Know

Ocean & a Rock

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