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Black Box, Belfast 17th July 2008

Can we post gig reviews on this community? If not, ignore this..

Doors were at about eight, and at around quarter past nine Gavin Glass, her guitarist and pianist (and support) started playing. He was really good. he played around five songs, and got quite a bit of appreciation from the crowd. It was well deserved.

Then, at around ten o'clock the lights went down and the stage decoration kicked in: fairy lights. They were draped across the stage, over the piano, accordion and Donagh's work station (there were that many instruments that's what I'm calling it.) The setlist is as follows...

Sea Song
Splishy Splashy
I Don't Know (My personal favourite of the night)
Queen of Hearts (Cover of The Mary Janes)
Ocean and a Rock
Venn Diagram
Pirate Disco
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Cover of Bob Dylan)
Free Until They Cut Me Down (Cover of Iron & Wine)

During each song, Lisa and the others were dancing, which really added to the atmosphere of it all. The crowd were great too, everyone cheered and whooped after each song and after the set was over everyone kept cheering, so as an encore there was..

I Couldn't Love You More (Cover of John Martyn)
Your Ghost (Cover of Kirstin Hersh)
Keep It All

Afterwards I waited about, because my friend wasn't being picked up until half 11, and Lisa and Una came out to whoever was left, so my two friends and I went up to her, had a chat, got our tickets signed and got photos. I met her before a year ago, and she's one of the nicest people. It was a brilliant night, and all day today I've been singing her songs. Go Lisa!

Here are links to some photos that my friend took..

Lisa dancing

The stage

Lisa and Me

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