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The Lisa Hannigan Community's Journal
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Saturday, October 11th, 2008
12:54 pm
Lisa live in the U.S!
Jason Mraz's tour has kicked off in the U.S. and so far Lisa's gotten some pretty glowing reviews :D

Irish-born Lisa Hannigan opened the show and was accompanied by her four-piece band when performing tracks from her album “Sea Sew.” All five musicians harmonized on the vocals and made full use of the wide range of instruments on stage, including a cello, a banjo, a trumpet and an accordion.

Hannigan’s interaction with the audience remained at an absolute minimum, which might’ve been for the best — when she spoke, her soft, shy voice was difficult to understand. Nevertheless, she impressed the crowd with her smoky, melodic vocals, especially during the charming, hypnotizing “I Don’t Know.”

It was clear that Hannigan was truly having a good time. She danced as though she were one moment away from skipping around the stage and smiled as if she had a secret when she sang. She likened the opportunity to perform that evening to Christmas Eve and dedicated the last song of her set, “Lille,” to Mraz as a thank you to him. - from a review of Mraz's first gig on the tour

Mraz ft. Lisa - Lucky

She also did a solo show in NYC before the Mraz tour started and videos have surfaced on youtube!

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Saturday, September 20th, 2008
2:47 am
Lisa on Today FM
Live on Today FM  The whole thing's 16 minutes long - in mp3 form, zipped

01. Intro
02. Sea Song
03. Interview with Lisa (part. 1)
04. Lille
05. Interview with Lisa (part. 2)
Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
6:28 pm
So what do you guys think of Sea Sew? I got it on Monday and have pretty much been listening to it non-stop since then. I really like how the whole thing sounds, it's a great style that she has. My favourite song would probably be I Don't Know at the minute, but it could change.

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Thursday, September 11th, 2008
10:34 pm
Splishy Splashy with Lisa Hannigan
Cute review/interview found my an eskimofriend from this blog

"The instrument we're about to use has an interesting sound. A bit like a duck waddling into an electric fence"

When Lisa Hannigan took to the stage at the Festival of World Cultures recently, it soon became apparent that the collection of florescent shapes and items there were more than decoration. We'd hear some funky sounds.

It's concerts like hers that make me glad I'm not a music writer - though Deana over at State covers the concert excellently - as trying to define her music or style would involve a lot of me saying "Well, she's a bit like them but better and a bit like her but better and she's remind you of her but is much better than that". So there'll be none of that.

Instead, from my vantage point, I got to watch a girl who's passionate about her music, moving and grooving in her own rhythm as she sings her songs. The lyrics of her new songs - with names like Sea Song, Lille and Venn Diagram are distinctively hers. A lovely play on words, an understanding of rhyme and metre and, similar to her collection of instruments, a respect for what sounds good on the ear gives a pretty unique sound, one that I could listen to forever.

more pictures and wordsCollapse )
There's one girl i like she's a smile on a Monday ... And she's like the sun on the weekend And though she is like the sea and she's right to be so i like that she sails with me
(from Sea Song)
I'd keep an eye on the name and an ear for the sounds of Lisa Hannigan. She's going to be a superstar.

Sunday, August 31st, 2008
3:36 am
Flying Solo - article from The Irish Times
Lisa Hannigan had gotten comfortable touring and recording with Damien Rice.  But a nudge out of the nest gave her the impetus she needed to record her own debut album.  She talks thrills and trepidation with Jim Carroll on the eve of her appearance at this weekend's Electric Picnic.

IT'S A sticky night in Dundalk. Real monsoon weather. All the windows in the Spirit Store are open in an attempt to get some air circulating, but the only thing going round the packed tiny room and down the stairs to the front bar is a buzz of expectation. People are curious about the singer, the one who has yet to release a note of music and who hasn't yet even played two dozen shows under her own name.

Tonight, Lisa Hannigan is selling her wares. She's been doing this all summer long, taking a bunch of freshly baked songs and a band of sharply suited players around the country to small, squishy rooms like this. She has dealt with wardrobe malfunctions in Tullamore and banjos going on fire in Headford. People have paid good money to see her, and she has sent them home smiling. And sweating, but that's the Irish summer for you.

rest of the article, where she talks about her experience with Damien Rice, the end of their relationship and her solo careerCollapse )

Also, the EskimoFriends board says, "Lisa will be appearing on the Tony Fenton Show on Irish radio station Today FM next Wednesday (September 3rd). You can listen in live between 14.30 and 16.30 (Irish time) from here."
Friday, August 15th, 2008
1:04 am
Lisa's New Virtual Home!
Update from her first newsletter - you can sign up for the mailing list here

Welcome to the first edition of The Circular, the newsletter for Lisa Hannigan's new website. The new web home is ready. Please come visit and have a look around. The new website will be updated regularly with news, photos, tour dates and blogs.

LisaHannigan.ie: http://www.lisahannigan.ie
News: http://www.lisahannigan.ie/default.aspx?page=news
Photos: http://www.lisahannigan.ie/default.aspx?page=popupbook
Blogs: http://www.lisahannigan.ie/default.a...ge=stichintime

************************************************** *


On the website there are new tour dates for Ireland before the US tour stars, lyrics (apparently all hand-sewn by Lisa's mom!), tons of photos, a stream of some songs from the album, and a video of Splishy Splashy!
Saturday, August 9th, 2008
8:24 am
From Lisa's Facebook account

Sea Sew

Release Date: September 12, 2008 (September 15 in the UK)
Label: IHT Records
Synopsis: The debut solo album from Lisa.

Lisa Hannigan – Vocals & Guitar and harmonium
Donagh Molloy – Trumpet, melodica and glockenspiel
Tomo - drums , percussion, shakers, xylophone and glockenspiel
Shane Fitzsimmons – Upright Bass
Lucy Wilkins – Violin
Vyvienne Long – Cello
Gavin Glass – Harmonium
Cathy Davey – backing vocals
Artwork - Conor & David
Artwork Photography - Cliona O Flaherty

Recorded by Jason Boshoff at Cauldron Studios, assisted by Michael Manning
Mixed by Jason Boshoff at Strongroom Studios, assisted by Tom Bailey
Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Studios
Track Listing

1 An Ocean and a Rock
2 Venn Diagram
3 Sea Song
4 Splishy Splashy
5 I Don't Know
6 Keep It All
7 Courting Blues
8 Pistachio
9 Teeth
10 Lille

For those of you anxious and/or overseas (and this part is my own contribution, by the way), you can pre-order the album through HMV here. If you're worried about relying on a site you've never used before, I can tell you that I've pre-ordered from HMV before and have never had any problems.

Lisa also has a few new photos up, which I've placed behind this cut.Collapse )
Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
1:44 pm
Reviews from the Dundalk show + video
The best live show we’ve seen in aeons? That would be Lisa Hannigan at the Spirit Store in Dundalk last Thursday night. Singing songs from her forthcoming “Sea Sew” album (due out in October), she was all sparkle and star quality. Her new songs are charming monsters and belters, each one adorned with very simple but very striking musical bows and ribbons. Her band - four dapper be-suited chaps - are perfectly in tune with where Hannigan wants those songs to go. Make no mistake about it, she’s the boss. She’s playing a couple of more dates this month before the Electric Picnic so check them out. By this time next year, she’ll probably be supernova and well on her way to selling a million copies of that album. Yep, that show really was something else altogether (see Tony’s review for more raving).    [source]

Una and Lisa's team has requested videos not to be taped during these shows, but one made it through the cracks from the Dundalk show.  It's a new version of Your Ghost:

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
4:05 am
Dammit.  The Lisa Hannigan/Jason Mraz US tour pre-sale actually starts TODAY, WEDNESDAY JULY 30 AT 10AM (LOCAL TIME).

Password is still the same.

Public on sale will start August 8th.

Sorry guys, they just revised the original tour announcement today.
Friday, July 18th, 2008
5:36 pm
Black Box, Belfast 17th July 2008
Can we post gig reviews on this community? If not, ignore this..

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Friday, June 27th, 2008
5:04 pm
Lisa Hannigan at Campbell’s Tavern
From the Galway Adviser

FOR NEARLY seven years County Meath songstress Lisa Hannigan captivated audiences as the angelic vocal accompaniment to Damien Rice’s shoe-gazing lyrics, but over the last year she has begun to develop her own solo career.

Hannigan featured prominently on Rice’s all-conquering debut album O as well as recording guest vocals with The Frames, Mic Christopher, and jazz pianist Herbie Hancock.

In March 2007 it was announced that the professional relationship between Rice and Hannigan had ended and so began a flurry of interest in Hannigan as a recording artist in her own right. She will showcase songs from her upcoming debut album at Campbell’s Tavern, Cloughanover, on Tuesday July 22 as part of the Galway Arts Festival.

Throughout the 1990s performers such as The Corrs, Gemma Hayes, Nina Hynes, Cara Dillon and Tara Egan-Langley were the darlings of the Irish pop/rock scene. However, when Hannigan took to the stage with the Damien Rice Band at Dublin’s Temple Bar Music Centre in 2001 the bar was raised considerably.

Indeed many said the success the band subsequently enjoyed in America and Britain was due in a large part to the presence of the waif-like songstress. The added element of press speculation as to whether Hannigan and Rice were/weren’t an item guaranteed the group were not short of a headline or two.

The rumour mill in particular centred on The Frames song ‘Fake’, which supposedly was inspired by a love triangle involving Rice, Hannigan, and Glen Hansard. Though at live shows the trio laughed off the rumours and maintained that they are all long-time friends and there was no truth to the speculation.

In 2003 Hannigan made her first forays into acting when she appeared in a Jessamyn Fiore play The Mysterious World Of Birds in Galway and Dublin (with Hannigan and Galway band Lucas providing the soundtrack to the production). Since then she has begun her own Cowardly Lion Theatre Group and continues to take an active interest in stage and screen. Hannigan also has a passion for the Irish language and in 2006 covered the Mary Janes/Mic Christopher song ‘Banríon mo Chroí’ for the Ceol 06 album as part of Seachtain Na Gaeilge.

As her other commitments brought her further away from touring with Damien Rice, it was only natural she should begin her own recording career. As the relationship had ‘run its creative course’, Hannigan posted three solo demo songs, - ‘Lille’, ‘Pistachio’ and ‘Sea Song’, on her Myspace.

She also sang a duet entitled ‘Some Surprise’ with Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody on the Cake Sale album and toured with Snow Patrol for a short period.

In March of this year it was reported that Hannigan had completed the recording of her debut solo album. The musicians on the album include Shane Fitzsimons and Vyvienne Long from The Damien Rice Band and David Gray Band member Jason Boshoff. The as yet untitled album is earmarked for release in October.

For more information and tickets contact the Galway Arts Festival Box Office, 1-5 Merchants Road, on 091-566577. Online booking is also available through www.galwayartsfestival.com
Saturday, June 21st, 2008
1:20 pm
Lisa Hannigan Live at Cyprus Avenue

From Hotpress: 19 Jun 2008

For an artist who wants to finish her first solo album quickly, so that she can “sing in venues more socially acceptable than Superquinn and the Luas Station”, Lisa Hannigan is certainly not lacking in support.

An eager and appreciative sell-out, sit-down, candlelit crowd face a stage with a glowing globe, a mushroom lamp and Christmas lights. Nag Champa incense drifts across the crowded room and Lisa leads five musicians with a range of unusual instruments through a scene that looks like a thoughtful travelling gypsy cabaret.

A trumpet, a xylophone, a lateral accordion, a banjo, a double bass, one drum kit, guitars, an electric piano, glass percussion, shakers and a blow keyboard all feature, but it is Hannigan's hypnotic voice that entrances the audience.

She has an endearing, nervous energy between songs, twirling her hair and uttering soft-spoken things into the microphone that are impossible to hear, and it’s her honesty and vulnerability that make her even more likable and her music more believable.

The xylophone, glass percussion and dreamy vocals in ‘Queen Of Hearts’ all sound out a childlike wonder that runs through the set, and the post-song cheers grow louder from the darkened audience.

Also well received are ‘Pistachio’, a number on which she sounds like a melancholy Bjork one moment and a playful Camille O’Sullivan the next, and a quiet John Martyn cover that sends a group of fans who’ve travelled up from Thomastown into apoplexy.

It’s a bit too subtle for a few beer guzzlers at the back, but a gang of militant shushers act quickly to stamp out an unsilent minority. The musicians sense the unrest and raise the temperature with a mid-west sounding song where the brilliant double-bass player shines and all the boyfriends in the crowd tap their feet.

Captivating vocals and brave musical invention promise much for Lisa Hannigan's first solo album. And look at that, I didn’t even mention Damien Rice once!

I do hope she makes it over to North America soon, these Irish articles are waaaaay too few and far between :P

Tomo's also got a video up for the demo of Lille, it is, as usual when it comes to this group, completely adorable.

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
2:13 pm
myspace updates
To keep the ball rolling, I figured I'd post up the two other blogs from Lisa's MySpace since last night. Since it might look a bit lengthy on some friends lists, I've placed the updates behind cuts. Glad to see a Lisa community around, and let's try to keep it active!

poster inventionCollapse )

Tour Diary 3Collapse )
Monday, June 9th, 2008
10:54 pm
With Lisa's debut album coming out soon (hopefully!), it's about time we had a place on LJ for her!  A proper layout and rules and all that jazz will be up soon, but for now... first up is a tour diary from Lisa and her crew:

Tour Diary 2

I figure it'd be no harm to give you some blow by blow account action of how team hannigan survive on the road, maybe do some practice interviews. Ten minutes on the road to our first gig and Tomo and I needed to stop for ice-creams.. As always food has taken first priority. Lisa and Tomo made us leave an hour early with an ice box so we could we could pick up some good BBQ ingredients in the english market in Cork…. As much as we slag them for their food obsession we do tend to reap the benifets in the long term. I won't be complaining when I'm slicing into a specially 2 day marinated fillet steak and local farmhouse cheeses on our day off…

Mar and Par Hannigan filled us with bacon sambo's this morning and off we went. First gig of the tour, first drive to a gig… watching the open road and wondering how mandu and stevens and bueno are doing (mandu and stevens = cats, bueno = person and possible superhero)….

Here's how the car looks:



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