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Lisa's New Virtual Home!

Update from her first newsletter - you can sign up for the mailing list here

Welcome to the first edition of The Circular, the newsletter for Lisa Hannigan's new website. The new web home is ready. Please come visit and have a look around. The new website will be updated regularly with news, photos, tour dates and blogs.

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Pre-order the Record

"Sea Sew", Lisa's debut album, will be released on September 12. Visit the Store Cupboard if you would like to pre-order a copy today. If you're in Ireland, the UK, or Europe, and we receive your order by August 29, the record should arrive on your doorstep on the release day.

When you pre-order your copy of "Sea Sew" from the Store Cupboard, your name could be selected to receive one of a very limited supply of CD inserts signed by Lisa. The pre-sale is open to all members of Sign up for a membership at no cost, to place your order. It's easy and we'll always respect your privacy.

The Store Cupboard:
Pre-order "Sea Sew":
Create Your Account:
Privacy Policy:


On the website there are new tour dates for Ireland before the US tour stars, lyrics (apparently all hand-sewn by Lisa's mom!), tons of photos, a stream of some songs from the album, and a video of Splishy Splashy!
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