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From Lisa's Facebook account

Sea Sew

Release Date: September 12, 2008 (September 15 in the UK)
Label: IHT Records
Synopsis: The debut solo album from Lisa.

Lisa Hannigan – Vocals & Guitar and harmonium
Donagh Molloy – Trumpet, melodica and glockenspiel
Tomo - drums , percussion, shakers, xylophone and glockenspiel
Shane Fitzsimmons – Upright Bass
Lucy Wilkins – Violin
Vyvienne Long – Cello
Gavin Glass – Harmonium
Cathy Davey – backing vocals
Artwork - Conor & David
Artwork Photography - Cliona O Flaherty

Recorded by Jason Boshoff at Cauldron Studios, assisted by Michael Manning
Mixed by Jason Boshoff at Strongroom Studios, assisted by Tom Bailey
Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Studios
Track Listing

1 An Ocean and a Rock
2 Venn Diagram
3 Sea Song
4 Splishy Splashy
5 I Don't Know
6 Keep It All
7 Courting Blues
8 Pistachio
9 Teeth
10 Lille

For those of you anxious and/or overseas (and this part is my own contribution, by the way), you can pre-order the album through HMV here. If you're worried about relying on a site you've never used before, I can tell you that I've pre-ordered from HMV before and have never had any problems.

Lisa also has a few new photos up, which I've placed

All photography by Fiona Morgan.
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